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A B-R-E-A-K is just something we all need. Whether it is a Sunday or a day off from our routine 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. punishing schedule - we yearn for it!

Just announce that the entire family is going on a holiday and we are in for a visual treat when we see several pairs of eyes literally dancing with merriment.

Some of us might even be fortunate to witness our wives, mothers, grandmothers and sisters break out into an impromptu dance... while the other ladies use spoons, plates and rolling pins as musical accompaniments to perk up the dance performance!

Where to? When? For how long? What about food? Are they any other places that we can explore? Will the hotel be good? Do ensure that the taxi driver is a good one this time...remember how he ruined our trip last time? Will there be any activities for kiddo? Any temples for Ma and Papa?

We are flooded with questions and queries...the euphoria has given way to anxiety……and we can feel the palpitating excitement tinged with nervousness amongst our family members.

A holiday - SIMPLY - has to be perfect. The memories are preserved for posterity. OH - and we work like sheer morons to earn these well deserved breaks.

Short breaks, long breaks, an evening outing, a day trip, a weekend getaway, a family holiday or a world tour...it simply does not matter!

We know our budget and will do anything that we possibly can to ensure that we all have a great time.

We call up our family and friends to get first hand information about the place we are planning to go to -because it prepares us for trip.

We know what to expect!

Don't squeeze in two spots in one day. They are much too far apart for you to really enjoy them properly! Pack a lot of snacks with you - the place is simply breathtaking but it is difficult to find good vegetarian food there! If you are going there - just take a slight detour and see this awesome place as well - it will not take you more than an hour - but the visit is well worth the time! Don't go to this hotel and this restaurant - this one is much better and

The reality check! SOBER UP FOLKS!

Not all of us are lucky to know people who have been to places that we are planning to visit. More importantly - NO ONE HAS THE TIME TO HELP US WITH THE INFORMATION - RIGHT NOW! They are much too busy to help us out. They do know of people who have visited the place we are planning to go to - but do not wish to disturb them too.

So...where does this leave us? What is the next best option?


Nothing wrong with our best friend 'Google' but we know - simply know - that

Nothing can ever beat the real life experience and advice of a person who has been there – and we want the advice of people who are either family members or friends or friends of friends. We all share similar tastes, know what we would love to explore, love to do, love to eat, love to see, love to experience etc.

And that is precisely where ? - whereibeen.com steps in and takes over!

About whereibeen.com:

Is a boon for travel lovers - trip lovers, expedition lovers, hikers, bikers, mountaineering experts, trekkers, backpackers, honeymoon couples, retired parents, well married couples going on a second honeymoon - you name it and we have it here!

s a local discovery and travel research application and website.

Is for holidays of all sizes and shapes: Full fledged family holiday or a 25 member group going on a pilgrimage - the CharDham Yatra, a day trip to the Elephanta caves or an exhibition at the World Trade Centre, a Khadi making workshop or just a solo trek on Sinhagad ...you name it and you will find it here.

Will help you research destinations, places to go to in your destination, places in the vicinity, hotels where your budget and your comfort is well taken care of, restaurants which will give you the kind of food that you are looking for, tourist attractions, shopping tips, what to buy, what NOT to buy, things you would personally love to explore and experience - DON'T MISS THE SUNRISE or GO IN FOR THE CRUISE - it is worth the

WAIT - DON'T CLOSE THE WINDOW YET... READ ON ... You won't regret it!

So - what's the big deal? We can almost hear you say that - I can get all this info and more from half a dozen reputed sites within an hour! We are not mind readers - but we do know what is going on in most people's minds and hearts too! ?

Whereibeen.com gives you all of this and more from the people who matter most to you - yes folks - do read and re read that again - you get this information from the real life experience of your friends and family members.

There is a big difference between people who are in the holiday mood and people who are engrossed in their 8a.m - 10 p.m. schedule!

And it is this gap that we at whereibeen.com aim to bridge.

The holidayers (we just created that term right now for you) are people you know personally!

Put simply – whereibeen.com is a platform like face book, twitter and instagram all rolled into one.

More specifically – whereibeen.com focuses only on the travel aspect of your family and friends.

Family and friends upload all the lovely glorious experiences on our interactive platform.

Breathtaking photographs, soul stirring experiences, oh – so lovely – souvenirs, yummy food, cool swimming pool, great restaurant, must see sights

They upload it while they are holidaying and/or long after they have finished holidaying – because they want to preserve the sheer euphoria of the whole holiday for posterity.

Whereibeen.com is a platform –which gives you the gift of their personal experience – and you can tap into this gift at any point of time.

No Tom, Dick and Harry reviews.

Reviews from known people, reviews from people whom you care about, reviews from people who share similar tastes, reviews from other family members, reviews from friends of friends of friends because all friends do have something in common……..

And as an active member of whereibeen.com

You get access to this kind of specific information at your convenience.

What’s more – if you have a query – just post it in your group – and someone or the other is bound to reply to your sooner or later.

No problems = More happiness = Memorable holiday

We at whereibeen.com - are not selling you any ideas or stuff or gear!

We just give you the benefit of boosting your holiday happiness quotient by several notches - by sharing the real life experiences of your family and friends...when or after they have experienced it...we preserve it for you - so that you can check out the details at any time of the day or night. Our website whereibeen.com believes that the things that truly matter in life are absolutely free! Joy, bliss, happiness, b-r-e-a-ks, togetherness, nature, fresh air...we deliver all these experiences from the people who hold a special place in your heart...

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